Our Program

Heart and Hands to Care:
*Our Good Shepherd Family leaders, at all levels, are dedicated and caring people. They share their
life with our children. Nothing else will do! We accomplish this by adult exemplar.

Environment of a Real Family:  
Good Shepherd is a real family, and as such, provides that undeniably strong and basic family
framework of safety, trust, and strong individual self-worth. We accomplish this by providing
structure and experience.

Learning to Grow in Stature:
Educationally, Relationally, and Spiritually: *The Good Shepherd family shall actively provide and
foster growth in education, relational skills, & spiritual life. These three arenas are the basis for
growing in stature for the self, the world, & others. We accomplish this by program opportunity &
adult behavioral exemplar.

Planning for Life's Tasks and Journey:  
Good Shepherd strongly believes that planning life's tasks and its journey is an absolute. A sense of
clear identity and self-directed future is what we strive to teach and enable in our family. We
accomplish this by educational program focus and by adult exemplar.

Multimodal-Team Approach
*Good Shepherd utilizes the multi-modal team approach in fostering growth for the person in our
care. This  includes highly trained, licensed and experienced physical medicine, academic,
clergy,and mental health professionals who focus their expertise on the individual's goal of wellness.

Individualized Treatment Planning
*The Treatment Team focuses on the individual needs of the person. The Treatment Plan and the
Plan of Service Review is frequently reevaluated and apprised clinically in terms of meeting social
and behavioral goals necessary for the return of a whole person to the real world.